I Pray For Another Wonderful Miracle

My Dear Lord, I am in prayer to ask you for another miracle, if it is your will. I pray that I will be released from obligations from one big problem. I was vunerable and taken advantgage by a very evil person who used your name in vein. I know they will have to face you one day sooner or later with a much bigger and horrific punishment. I am in awe of your wisdom and your miracles. Thank you Lord, for all your blessings. I thank you for my family, my health, my job and what little I do have. You are wonderful to me and I know you love me as your child of God. I believe in prayer and you have shown me the way to a better life serving you, my Lord. Each day, I grow stronger and happier with you as my guide and my savior. I look forward to more wonderul things from you, my Lord! I am your servant and I will serve you always. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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