I pray for a miracle

Dear Father,

I pray for a miracle. My husbands business took a sharp downturn due to the economic conditions. As a result, we lost our home and money. Our two boys and I have moved in with my parents across the country, as my husband is still trying to turn things around with his company and is essentially stuck in the business. He is living in a one room extended stay motel, which his father is paying for. It has been over a year now, and my parents have been extremely generous in providing food, clothing, and shelter, as well as plane tickets so that we can see my husband about once a month. My parents are retired and are by no means wealthy. We are literally draining them and feel terrible about it, as well as my husband’s father. We are trapped in debt and lawsuits from foreclosures and failures to pay, as we are tied up in the business and don’t have the money to get out or go bankrupt. We have been waiting for what we think to be the only opportunity to get enough money to go bankrupt, and that option now does not seem to be working out. We feel absolutely helpless. We miss being together. Our hearts are broken, and we feel lost. Through this tragedy, we have built a stronger relationship with You, for which we are eternally grateful. At this point, we hope You will reach out to us with Your strong arms to help us get out of our debt and litigation and that You will bring us together to live in one house once again.
We are grateful for the many, many gifts and blessings You have given us thus far. We lay out our lives for You to take them as You will. Help us to be together and, as a family, do Your will.
Thank You Lord. In Your name, Amen.

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