I pray for a miracle and some distance from his parents

by Beverly (USA)

Dear Lord, Please bring back the kind and considerate man I married and had children with. Please let him realize that I am doing all that I know to do. I tried having distance between in-laws but he did not want that. Now we live in the in-laws house & they just come & go as if we were’nt living in it. I pay for our youngest 2 children to go to a “Christian school”. My husband can make what I make in a month in 2 – 3 days. Then the kids get to hear him curse and take God’s name in vain on a daily basis. Any idea I have is not good but let someone else (other than me ) have the same idea & suddenly it is terrific.

I pray that God lets my husband see how he breaks my spirit, as well as, the spirit of my children. He stays mad a majority of the time and never wants to have fun or do anything unless it is what he wants to do. He owns a trucking company and his Mother is involved. She is very arrogant and not very well spoken. She also holds grudges and likes to get back at people that make her mad. Her son ( my husband ) can do no wrong but I do everything wrong. She does’nt know how to be a grandmother and oversteps her role too often. He does’nt see it but my kids do & God does. I pray God can fix this mess because the way it is going it will not last too much longer. I pray for a miracle and some distance from his parents.

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