I pray and believe that my husband’s love for me

by Barb (Clearfield)

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray and believe that my husband’s love for me will comes back into his heart and mind. That he see the changes you, God, are making in me (positive speaking, attitude, and confidence).

That current and past hurt, caused by my words and actions be left go to move forward together as one. That my husband follow’s your direction and peace to restore, rebuild and reconcile our marriage and relationship. Your inspiration will allow my husband to seek to being dating me during this separation to grow together back into a deep and loving friendship, then back into one home. God your word, assistance and resources (books provided by seeking of inspiration) will allow us to understand each other. That you God, will continue to work in us, to help us guide others to a relationship with you.

I thank you for allowing me to Stand for my marriage and relationship. Giving me continued strength and determination. I request that any strongholds and evil forces against us are cast out and appear “bad” to my husband so not to be swayed into the worldly thought. Thank you God for being 1st in our lives and continue to uphold us the rest of our days. – Amen