I offer up these prayers for the health, safety and well being

by Sharon (Trinidad)

I offer up these prayers for the health, safety and well being of each and every member of my family, including me. I pray that we will be protected from all illnesses, evil, disasters, violence and addictions at all times. I pray that we will be taken to and from our destinations safely. I pray that the older generation will be worthy role models for the younger ones in our family, especially the babies who have recently been brought into this world.
I pray that peace, love and harmony will prevail amongst each and every family member at all times. I prayer that our jobs will be secure so that we can have a steady income to take care of our families. I pray that workers who have not been paid will get some relief shortly so that they too can fulfill their financial and other responsibilities. I pray for law and order to be restored in Trinidad and Tobago and for the end of the crime situation which has become out of hand. I pray that there will be days free of murders which will result in the decrease in the murder rate which has spiraled out of control. I pray that the leaders in this country will work together and do what’s best for the country instead of opposing and making accusations against one another. In Jesus name I offer up these prayers. Amen.

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