I need your prayers as soon as possible, please

by Brenda (N Royalton, Ohio USA)

Dear Lord my God,

Please help my grandson, Max with his life. He is 19 years old and very immature and has ADHD. He has violent outburst and can not be reasoned with. He doesn’t eat much, thinking he may be on drugs, very skinny and unhealthy. His car driving is terrible and I am afraid he will kill himself and others. Please get rid of the devil which is ruining his life as well as his sister, parents and grandparents.

May God also keep my granddaughter, Maddie safe and happy. She is the complete opposite of her brother Max. She is afraid of the fighting and the unstable relationships. She is nervous a lot of the time and try’s so hard to be exceptionaly good so as not to cause more heartache.
May the money that I am expecting come as soon as possible as my husband and I are in dire need. I am hoping I am getting the money without any more appeals or problems, please pray.

This is a long request and I really need your help in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I thank you and with a lot of prayers may the lord intercede to get rid of the evil and devil.
Thank you all so much. I pray but I need help with more prayers, so far there seems to be no hope.
God Bless all and Thank you!