I need you to guide me as I take these steps alone, Lord

(Baltimore, me 21216)

Heavenly Father I am praying for money to get into a home to help give back to those who have helped me get this far, clean &sober. Its been a year a d a fight I thank you sweet Jesus for this day a d know you will bless me with a home and with love peace n joy, I have been as positive as I can be and need ur help dear Lord. Please God favor me at this time of need to bless me with the money I need to get into a home and back on my feet.

I need you to guide me as I take these steps alone,Lord I don’t believe in gambling but if it has to be winning a lottory or pch please let the next winner be me. I promise to give back n tithe the rest as long as my own place can come out of it and I can help those in need get off the streets just like myself. Thank You Father God for hearing my prayers n Jesus most Precious name Amen.

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