I need you through this storm

by Kaitlyn (United States)

I walk a path that is filled with broken glass I call out you and you come but when I don’t I wonder where are you o lord because you told me you would be by my side but I don’t feel your presence I am hitting rock bottom and the devil is playing games with me every step of the way lord I need you to be my solid rock and a light unto my path . At times I wonder is this storm ever gonna end but then I notice that you have been carrying me throught the storm and I still need you to remind me that you are here with me when the devil tempts me and give me courage and strength to back down from Satan lord I need you more than anything now the storm I’m going through seems to get even worse over the days and I need you to leave footprints in the sand so when I feel like your not there I will remeber the footprints you made on my life in Jesus name amen :)!!!