I need you now

by Monee (Chicago Il)

Dear Lord,

I come to you this morning with a truthful heart and sprit lord; I wanted to say how sorry I am for the way that Ive been feeling lord but I have to be honest with my feelings. Lord this year has been such a hard time for me please come to my rescue I know that I havent been the perfect person or made all of the right decisions in mylife and I hope you can forgive me. But lord my heart is always true and genuine lord please lift all burdens and restore them with goodness. Lord please help expand my business lord and I really work hard and invest everything in me to build a successful business lord. Please lord I would really like to run my business and not work it could you please bless my business abundantly lord. Please bless my finances lord Im struggling so bad lord please bless me with an abundance of money lord I dont want to be rich but to be able to live comfortable and able to provide for my two boys. Lord my boys and I have been through so much could you please heal us from the crown of our heads to the bottom of our feet please allow us to feel your presents lord; Please rebuild us in all areas of lives lord. Also lord I am so in love with a man by the name of cedric lord he is the most beautiful man Ive ever met lord not hit outward appearance but his inner appearance. I have never felt this type of love before it hurts each and every day that I cant be with my one and only true love. Lord I know he has a lot of issues as I do too to work out lord but please bless us with a loving, respectful, trusting and faithful union lord also please heal him in all areas of his life lord please let him know that you are there for him guide his footsteps please make sure he is safe and healthy at all times. Please bless his goals and dreams lord he work so hard please open the doors he need to achieve them amen

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