I need you, Lord

by Carolyn (PA)

Dear lord after all i have been through so far this year i come to you once again asking you to bless me in my search to find work.

I have been denied so many times and i have became overwhelmed with stress. I cry deep inside because at times i do feel like giving up but i no you dont want me to do that. Everynight i come to you asking you to continue to bless my family in friends those with me in those who are not here on earth, i ask you to please keep us all in good health and continue to remove all negative out of our lives.

I ask you to guide us all on our roads towards success and continue to bless us. Dear lord can you continue to bless me in keep me on the right track please continue to give me the strength i need to make it through it all. And please bless me with an oppurtunity. Thank you for everything you have given me so far. Amen

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