I need you lord, Help Me

by John (Valdosta, Ga)

God! I know that you hear an attend to all our calling lord when we are truthful honest and sincre. Well lord I haven’t been any of the above I’ve been proud and into myself giving the appearance of good.

Well God im down to my last in all things when I say lord all I mean all, God do know how hard it is for me to stand and write this message an having it read by someone other than me, even as I try and speak the truth now God do you know all the proud that wells up in me. Lord I know their are no do overs, but if could just repent of all that I’ve cause others and yes myself but most of all you God. Lord then if you will hear this sinner cry for repentance lord truly will I bless the awesome name of Jesus forever in spirit and truth. Lord I was going to ask you for some things because I needed them now but God all I will say is bless me and bless your holy name amen.