I need to marry my loved one soon

by Suhasiny (Malabe)


you can see my tears, you know all the obstacle in our relationship. jesus his family doesn’t like me. he can’t go against their will. as a elder son its not good to break parents heart. but jesus we both love each other lot. we have been in this relationship for past 1 1/2 years . more over we both like husband and wife. jesus you know what is happening in my life. please god i want to marry him.make his mind strong. shower him with your blessings. make our hand together always. don’t give pain to anyone in the family. we all have to live in peace. i want my achchu( Niroshan) for my life . god you are my father. you don’t want to see my tears. please father i want to marry him. please make our life with smile and joy.bless both of us to stay together always. i want him jesus. please give him to my life. make him as my man. please god i want him. i trust you lot.you will give him jesus. within another 08 hours time i should hear from him that i am his wife and he will not leave me forever no matter who ever cross to break us. jesus i know you will make his mind and you will be with him and make him to talk. i trust you lot jesus.

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