I need to get healthier and fitter

by Myssa ()

Hello. I am overweight, and it is affecting my self-esteem. I am very overweight, and I need to lose weight as soon as possible. I think I am going to start getting very depressed if I don’t. I am not really accepted by anybody because of my weight and looks and personality and the way I sound, and how I present myself to people. Please help me and pray for me. I feel lonely, and so off-line that I feel that i can’t even get to God (SWT) at the level of expectation that is set for us, and I am very sick of this. It has gotten to a point where I am very sick and suicidal. I can’t communicate with anybody, not even God, I haven’t been able to pray properly or be at the right attitude I need to be. Please pray for me! Thank you so much!

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