I need the strength and wisdom off you almighty

Dear Lord,

see that my heart breaks as I ask for help. I no longer bear the load of the anger and frustration between the two sides of my world. For one side has raised me and one side has become my partner. These two sides have have broken me down. I no longer know how to hold myself.

I need the strength and wisdom off you almighty lord please hear my prayers and cries for help. I have so much anger and frustration and it hurts to feel this way. I am supposed to be the man of my household and protect my family but I cannot protect myself from this pain. How can I do this for my family. How do I respect my parents and get them to respect me. How do I get my wife to respect me and my wants. I want my daughter to have and see the love that I had growing up. I want my parents to grow and get rid of the negativity in their life. I want my wife to grow and get rid of the hate in her life. I want balance. I do not want to be the one too bear this load any longer. Please pray for me and my family, as I no longer know what to do. It’s breaking me. It’s making me ill with sadness. It hurts……….