I need the Lord and help with getting this job

by Teresa (Paris Il)

I am losing my way, I pray and pray for a job and I am going tomw. To speak with a lady again about this job I know can and will be a blessing , I can do this job and have alot of experience to do this job. A friend of mine is sending me there because she knows I can do it without a doubt.

I made up my resumes and I had previously applied and even interview with this company and the lady seemed very impressed with me and my experience in this job. But I never got a return call as she so promise me. I am about to lose everything , my car and all , I have a 6 yr old son whom is very dependent upon me as well. His father was very abusive and he doesn’t help now pay..child support he lied to the court saying he’s unemployed and he isn’t , he has all the nicest finest things new car new bike a nicer place than me and our son live

My lawyer isn’t helping me to take him back to court because I’m extremely delinquent on paying him. I don’t know what to do , I pray and I told god as I cry every night to please please help me… I am at the bottom and I can’t seem to get out of this hole. Please pray for me and my son.. I need this job bfr I lose everything .

I thought of suicide several xs because I feel that I’m better off dead. I’m so depressed. . I apply for jobs on line .. I take resumes in to places I get nothing. Please I beg to u and the Lord for help! Thank you and God bless.

Teresa Gill

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  1. Be strong n keep in FAITH

    Sweetie, please be strong. God know how u feel n he have wonderful plan. The journey is up n down, please stick with him. Remember Sarah n Abraham waiting for the miracle till they so old to had a son. Keep in faith n pray to God, what he need from you. XXX God Bless.

  2. Faith

    Good morning Teresa
    I pray for you this morning and your child
    Please this morning look over your right
    Shoulder tell Jesus you are putting this
    On his shoulder and then go and do what
    You need to go see who you need to
    See do this especially when you go into your
    Interview or send out resumes Please go
    To church each Sunday The Lord needs you

  3. Prayer for your new job

    Dear Teresa,
    Take a moment & breathe in and out a bit. Think of your heart and centering there….a place of love and where all is okay…..then
    say the Lord’s Prayer. And then we shall pray more together:
    Dear Lord, Your humble servant Teresa and her precious son have come before you right now with real needs of a job and a steady place to live and all the things that you are able to release for them.
    But before I ask you to do that, please cleanse Theresa’s heart so she is able to let go…let go…forever let go of the man who is the father of her son. That man has caused her grief and debt. Just release Theresa from this and in its place open for her abundance and an annointing that replaces what the locusts have eaten Joel 2:25) for all the cattle on the hill are Theresa’s ! (Psalm 50:10).
    Protect her from looking back to what was and instead focus on what will be– for it is of more value. In prayer I release to you God to deal with Theresa’s ex in your own way; she doesn’t have to.
    Now Lord Theresa really needs A job, one that she will enjoy doing and that pays enough money to cover all daily expenses. I pray you open up all opportunities for her…maybe through a friend of a friend….or a job that isn’t even advertised….but that once you open that door which no man or woman can shut….Theresa will be led by the Holy Spirit to be in the right place at the right time, and in the right way for this job with the new employer.
    St. Michael the Archangel guard this prayer request with your sword of blue. Holy Spirit – enable this all quickly. And may the Virgin Mary who once had to feed Jesus as a little boy, watch over this too. Jesus, I thank you in advance for hearing this prayer and give all glory and honor to You ! May the blood of Jesus be over Theresa and her son and the employer who will very, very soon hire Theresa. I pray this in Jesus name.
    AMEN +

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