I need the Lord and help with getting this job

by Teresa (Illinois)

I am about to lose everything, I have a 6 yr old to raise with no help from his father whom was very abusive. I go tmw to speak with a lady about a job again, I had previously interviewed with her and she seemed very impressed with my resume and experience. She told me she would call me the following week I called her and left mesgs.

I never got a call back. I have a very close dear friend who is also giving me a good recommendation and I am going into this company tmw to speak with her again only in person , I pray and pray every night in tears knowing I am about to lose everything , I can’t even get child support from my son’s father he lied in court said he’s unemployed but he isnt, I asked my lawyer to do something he won’t because I’m so delinquent on his bill as well..

I am in a very bad place and I am begging the Lord every night .. I need this job. I can do this job blind folded .. Please pray for me and my son. If I don’t get this job I will lose everything . I have been so depressed cry all the time even have suicidal thoughts that I’m better off dead . This is how bad it is. I have no $ none! MY son’s about to start school and I can’t even buy his supplies.. how sad .

Please I beg .. pray for me.. I go tmw to talk with this lady at this company I will beg for this job. I need this job
Thank you and God bless.

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