I need the Confusion to end

Im having a great deal of hatred for God and blasphemy. My only hope is for God to speak clearly to me and give me understanding about what he wants me to do with each day. I cannot continue living in Confusion. I need to know the voice of the Holy Spirit,and need help making decisions. I cannot love a Father who would leave his broken child confused, blind and deaf and refuse to give him understanding and let him know his voice.

I need him to remove my corrupt wounded mind and heart and give me the mind, heart, spirit, will, and attitude of Christ.

I need him to give me clarity so that the Devil will stop leading me astray. If he isnt willing to give me the grace of knowing his will then what kind of a Father is he? Ive been praying unceasingly for this grace for five years and I feel further from it now than ever. My name is Matthew Janes, Please pray that God grants me this grace. To no longer walk in confusion and darkness.

While your at it please ask him to give me the grace to know how to help broken people heal. To read hearts and recognize what people need spiritually and how I can help meet those needs.

God bless you!