I need prayers & GOD’s grace, for my love to come back…

by Maanik (New Delhi, India)

Thanks to GOD , that he showed me this path to share my prayer with all of you..& thanks to all of you, to pray for me.

My love life is facing hard time, real bad time. I’am not allowed to talk to her, her parents rejected me on financial & society grounds. Yeah, I’am not that rich, & also 9 years elder to her, but we loved each other, beyond such things, which didn’t really matter to us. We both love each other so much, that a month ago, we had planned to talk to parents, in order to marry. Her father knew it before her mother came to know, & she somehow was against it. Don’t know why, but she doesn’t like me. Her brother knew about us, being together.
When her mother got to know, it all took a bad turn, & all got messed up. She was angry, blocked my number, & locked my girlfriend inside home. Next day, i went to her city(Chandigarh) to talk to her father, & got another rejection, & something stupid happened, which brought my impression down.
It’s been since 5th Aug 2017, that i haven’t seen her even once. She loves me, but under the pressure of parents,she is in suffocation. Can’t go against parents, & parents are not ready to understand her silence, fake smiles.
I truly believe, we met with the GOD’s will, our Love flourished with the grace of GOD. I pray to Great Almighty Merciful GOD, to bless me, that love of my life, Hitali comes back to me, holds me tight, like she always did. So, with strength of our togetherness, we can make everyone feel proud of our love. Amen.
Please pray that her parents understand our love, & value it more than money or ego. That her heart gets the same belief in GOD & our love, to become motivated, & she comes back to me. I miss her like my breath, love her so so much, can’t express in words. i feel incomplete without her. Please pray for us, for our love to get healed by the grace of GOD.
May GOD bless you all.