I need prayer’s for change in all areas I have lost my self completely my father Jesus Christ.

Lord I have fallen so low, And short of so many things. I stepped out with all my kids on faith. I was so afraid of failure an the new wa of the world. Then I believed and left the mental, emotional, & physical abuse after 14 or so yrs.

Lord I lost so much of me along the way I know nothing but bad things & horrible thought about myself in every aspect. My kids also went through the same issues but worst they are broken, they can’t come together at all and it’s nine of them. We are financially struggling very very very much on bills, no car, no vacations no nothing absolutely broke. Can’t provide for them prosperously. That’s also stressful.

My people turned their backs on me and strongly went against me my brother and mother after my father passed away, That’s stressful. No job to support us. No help from the two father’s, really stressful and Feeling that no one on this earth likes me and will never see me facwho I am, or will truly care for my kid’s and I along with the heaviness that really no man would ever truly love me on this earth or really care for my children you blessed me to have. Cuz of my previous experience in a relationship.

I’m so vulnerable I don’t no who is who. When they care or when they don’t male an female Jesus. Its so messed up I want be happy and be a great mother. To my kids I want to so much for them they really do need and for deserve. To take them out and have some good times an memories with them.

Go lots of places Let them see your beautiful works on this earth. Be able to purchase things for use stress free pay bills. Lord imma just stop this. Because it’s so much we need from you my lord so much but I will always keep the faith and love for your will must be done my lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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