I need prayer for my anxiety and troubles

by Hisdestiny (New York)

I need instant prayer about my life. Its been really challenging for me entering college and not having the help of my parents and of anyone. I’ve felt lost without a clue what I’m doing and where I am going. I have no financial help and i want to go to the university for me its important.

I love school but lately I have no peace of mind. I’ve been having a lot of stress and anxiety because I’m really worried about my future. where my life can take a turn.I need a lot of help with college. I want to follow my dream. Currently i have no job and I’m living with my mother , but I get no support from my parents. There’s no help and no motivation. I feel alone, and confused. I need god to help me with school and provide me with the job he knows i need. I need god to help me find out about grants or something to help me with college. I’m lost without gods direction.

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