I need prayer for an urgent financial breakthrough

by Louise (Houston, Texas)

Dear Lord: I acknowledge all your blessings big and small, but I just need a financial breakthrough to get through this financial setback. I have made mistakes, and you were there for me before, but today Lord, I need you more than ever to see me through this difficult time in my life. I trust you Lord, and I know if it is your will you will see me through. Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, son of the living God, AMEN.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Thank you god

    Thank you for all you have done for me .jesus has saved me twice.that is a true miracle. I do not deserve your blessings yet you offer them freely. Your grace and compassion know no bounds. Lord, you know what is about to happen to me. I humbly ask you to intercede soon. I only want to be in the place I love and live out my life in service to you and those around me. If it is your will. Please lord, hear my urgent plea .bless all those who suffer. I will wait for you lord because you are all I have at the moment. I will try to rest tonight knowing you have heard my plea. You are a good and loving God and I know you will decide what is best for me. You are all I really need to make it to heaven. Thank yo lord.

  2. vani says:
    prayer for finanacial. break through

    Greeting in my loving father jesus I am a single lady and all alone I have many bills to pay and the money I earn is not enuf I know my god can make a break through for me so please pray for me even my children have no heart to see me suffer this pain thx vani

  3. Anonymous says:
    Immediate miracle

    Father God,

    I come before you with thanksgiving and praise in my heart. Gracious God I thank you for your living Word that you have given us to know and seek and have faith in. Father, I ask for an immediate financial breakthrough in every area of my life and my children’s lives. Father manifest your spirit in me so I may know your ways to make the right decisions in life moving forward…in the name of Jesus.
    I ask according to your word in John 14:14, and Matthew 7:7 where YOU said we can ask and it WILL BE given/done unto us. So it’s on your word that I am standing and ask for the following:

    -I be blessed with a job/career/business to support myself and my family immediately.
    -A place to live for me and my sons, in an area that is pleasing to all of us.
    -20k to pay the balance of my son’s tuition so he can return to college in Spring 2016 (immediate need – by 12/15).
    -that my other son get an athletic scholarship to the university of his choice
    -that my destiny/purpose be revealed to me
    -all curses/hindrances that are blocking me from my breakthrough be removed immediately
    -EVERYTHING I lost in the year 2015 be restored to me a hundred fold.
    -That you bless me with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and intelligence to do your will above all.
    -ALL debt be cancelled off of my life and children’s lives in the name of Jesus.

    This is my request God, in the name of Jesus and according to your Word where you said to make my request known unto you.

    Amen, Amen, and Amen! I decree and declare it is so in my life and according to all the prayers posted on this site. Amen

  4. Anonymous says:
    Spiritual Breakthrough

    O Lord my king and my Glory. I seek your face in my life. forgive me for all my sins that have brought me down. Glory God please intervene in my financial situation this day. Break all the curses of the enemy on my life. Lord lift me up to a solid ground full of blessings and use me as a channel of blessing to less fortunate people. Thank you for blessing my Children and for their sake Preserve and keep my spirit bless me now with financial breakthrough to feed them, clothe them and take care of them. Lord remove fear far from me and my family only ensure love and kindness. I declare today I am loosed from the chain of poverty and unwellness. I declare today i am brought in to the Glory of Gods abundance in my life. Amennnnnn and Amennn

  5. Donna says:
    Bless my daughter and me toninght, O Lord!

    Please, Lord, hear my prayer. You know all the heartaches that I have been through and all of my weaknesses, which are so many. Please take pity upon my little girl and me because we both need an urgent financial break though this evening, and I pray and I believe that if I ask, then you will hear my prayer. I hope you will honor my request. I know no request is too big or too small for you. I need to find hope and a new road on my way to breakthrough for a huge financial success after having lost a precious young child. Life has been so hard for me as a mother, Lord. Please help us and we will always serve you either way. I know your love for us is the only one who can save us and who can help us. In my Lord, I pray, Amen and Amen!! Thank you, Jesus.

  6. Mirium says:
    Need urgent finances to clear immediate debts

    Most Powerful and the almighty son in the name of the father,

    I beg you to please relieve me of my urgent financial needs which I have to clear by the end of this week. I beg you Lord please intervene and help me meet my financial burden through your miraculous ways. I need most urgenlty 5 lacs by this week end to clear my long pending loans which have also multipled due to the interest.

    I have complete faith in you Lord Jesus to bring me out of this mess and emabarrasment by intervening and helping me immediately.

    Yours in prayers

  7. Anonymous says:
    my financial brekthrough

    Lord help me and my husband things are not moving in our life financial.we are sory that maybe we were careless financial.but i strongly belief that we have curse in our life God can you help us financial in the name of jesus amennn

  8. Rashika says:
    I need help

    Lord Jesus I ask that you forgive for known and unkown sins please help me regarding my finances, I have been struggling for 3 years now with no progression. Every day is a struggle. My son starts high school next year and I don’t have the money to enrol him my rent is in arrears. I cannot provide for my daughters needs.

    Please lord don’t leave me alone help me please.
    I pray for everyone with a financial need our lord never fails us


  9. Anonymous says:
    In need of an immediate financial breakthrough

    Lord Jesus I come humbly before your throne of grace, asking for an immediate financial breakthrough so that my daughter and I will not become homeless. I need to move to a new residence with more affordable rent which I have found but need money to move. Please bless me to pay off he title loans on our cars and pay my daughter’s college summer tuition so that she can graduate in May 2016. Father forgive me for not being faithful in paying my tithes and for mismanaging my money. I ask for strength and guidance. I declare and decree an immediate major financial breakthrough and increase for me in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen

  10. Anonymous says:
    i need Financial break through

    Dear lord
    This is my earnest prayer to you i need 2.714.000/= .Teo enable me sort out my outsanding debt on the floor tiles.Lord i have always trusted you from the word go.Please come through for me before 4:00 pm today.
    Thank you lord i know i can trust you.In Jesus name Amen.I need direction where to get it.Iam in a dilemme.

  11. Anonymous says:
    Going Crazy from Worry

    Dear God Almighty:

    I need urgent help or I am going to lose my mind. My creditors are waiting and I cannot sleep. I need urgently to pay back this one debt especially as well as others that are causing insomnia. I am desperately pleading with you to just take care of my debt. Like others, you have done this for me before. Please, I need you now. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord,

    Please allow me to receive the cash I need to move into a new home so that my family and I are no longer be homeless. We are very short on time and pray that you will open the paths for us. Please forgive us for all of our sins. I am great full for all of our blessings and hope you can help us in the very urgent matter.

  13. Anonymous says:
    Financial miracle

    Dear Lord

    We are in a dire financial crisis. I need $600,000 AUD by the 30th March. We will lose everything . I ask for your forgiveness. I have made many mistakes and have not managed the blessings given to me. I can’t go on like this anymore Lord. Please help me. I love you Lord. Provide a financial miracle. Give me immediate help. In your scripture you say that we can come boldly before you and ask and you shall receive bounteous gifts and blessings. I come before you with a penitent heart and a broken life. Thank you and praise you dear lord Jesus

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear God provide for the Amount of R200000. i need accommodation by tomorrow 27 November 2014. I also need to pay my debts. I believe that there is nothing impossible with God.

  15. Anonymous says:
    financial breakthrough

    Dear God, I thank u to make your son die on the cross to save us. Lord I am in a financial difficult , God I need a breakthrough right at this moment God I am facing a difficult financial problem god, I believe in you god. Cause u have done so many things for me .when I could fine my way out you always open a way for me.lord thank you in Jesus name Amean

  16. Anonymous says:
    financial breakthrough

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ you are the ultimate end whom i can rely upon. Rebuke every curse that binds all financial blessings to enter my home.From my childhood i have been facing severe fiinancial crisis even now in my old age i am debted to so many people around. Open the doors for a financial breakthrough. Have mercy on me a sinner..May your mighty hands touch my life and set me free.

    Thank you Jesus, With Trust and deep faith,

  17. daisy says:
    fianancial breakthrough

    i need an urgent amount of 12 lakhs to clear my debts. I urgently need a financial breakthrough or else i am going to face a severe setback in my relationships. kindly pray for me.

  18. Anonymous says:
    Financial blessings

    Heavenly Father, You’re the ultimate GOD, my provider. Please I need financial breakthrough to pay the debt of my husband. I’m not asking for more just enough to cover my needs and the needs of the people whom he owed money. Help me Lord, show my the way for I don’t know where and how to secure money to pay his debt. I ask this in JESUS mighty name and with the intercession of Mother Mary. Amen

  19. divya says:
    immediate financial breakthrough

    Dear God please help me to get 20,000 by the end of tomorrow, if I don’t get it will be in big trouble we’ve been faithful in you Lord but seems like doors are closed for us, we really in need,. Please help us. U are a provider so let me receive from u father. With tears I m asking u lord. Amen

  20. sis Allen says:
    urgent financial breakthrough

    Dear God i need your devine intervention in my financial situation.Father God please!please!i beg of you to release the least $5000 in my hand by tomorrow.i owed $3,145 for rent plus $1600 for private loan.Father God i feel like i am looseing my mind.help me i pray and thanks in return.through Jesus christ.Amen

  21. Anonymous says:
    need R200 0000 by tomorrow 30 April 2014

    Dear God please help me get 200 000 by the end if tomorrow, if I dnt get it will be on the street with my children, we’ve been faithful in your work Lord but seems like doors are closed for us,we really in need, your word said if u bring tithe in my store house I will open windows of heaven,Lord we e faithful in tithe n offering but doors a closed for us. Please help us. U a a provider so let me receive from u father.. In tears

  22. Aruz says:
    Lord Jesus i need 15000$ Only

    Lord Jesus Help me, I need that amount in less than 10 days to pay my debts, and you why I am indebted. Help me. I made mistakes in my life, but I know your goodness and grace, have mercy Oh Jesus. Thank you.

  23. Elaine says:

    I would like to know more details about your loan

    and if we are living foreign country what is the specific requires, documents.

  24. Anonymous says:
    Urgent Finance

    Iam Geevarghese George,My wife name is Mariamma Geevarghese.I need 10 lakh rupees for our Southern Curry Powder unit from SBT Kulanada Branch.Pathanamthitta Dist.,Kerala State in India.Need sanction from SBT(state bank of travencor)kottayam regional office.this is very urgent. Pray for finance.

  25. Anonymous says:
    Urgent Finance

    Iam Geevarghese George,My wife name is Mariamma Geevarghese.I need 10 lakh rupees for our Southern Curry Powder unit from SBT Kulanada Branch.Pathanamthitta Dist.,Kerala State in India.Need sanction from SBT(state bank of travencor)kottayam regional office.this is very urgent. Pray for finance.

  26. Anonymous says:
    Financial Breakthrough

    I’m in need of a financial miracle before 8pm tonight. I need 750.00 and don’t have no way of getting it. Please Lord provide me with a financial breakthrough.

  27. jesus breakthrough banks day to help people in need says:
    Show Up and Show out today Jesus

    Today’s is breakthrough day from God ready set let go and let Jesus do everything Amen

  28. Anonymous says:
    God Please Help Me

    Dear Jesus,

    I believe that you can do everything in this world and you are the one and only lord forever. I prise you lord. upto now you have guided me. Thank you jesus.

    Lord, i am in a great defficulty now, i am going through a bad time, i need a solution for all of this, i have no stregnth at all. plese help me on this financial problems, i know i made mastakes in my life, give me another chance to comeup, give ma chance to change my life and come to you. And to live a real christian life. i am alone, please help me, if you ignore me,,,, where will i go? to whom to go? i don’t have anybody you know that.. Please please please pleease me dear father raise me up. do a miracle in my life… let other wonder and believer you more and more through me.. I need to live a peaceful life.. that’s all. i need to take care of my little son, i like to give him a good life to make him a good human been.

    Please Jesus, i know you will show me a way to come up,, i am waiting for that day… please give me your hand help me lord help me… Iam asking this in name of jesus christ and the father , remember you have said i will give you wnatever you ask me in my father’s name, please lord i herewith ask you to solve all my financial problems, please, please, please, please .

    Love you jesus. Amen

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