I need power and stregnth to be strong older and wise

by Trisha (Lafayette, LA)

Dear Lord,

I’ve prayed and prayed in the past and had blocks put in front of me I needed to get around, things I did not want to give up or give away but had to, got pain, hurt, lied to, hide from, used, abused, not trusted, my faults and my good deeds. You showed me each step to take. Now I don’t know where to go.

From past it’s hard making a present or future. Longest time prayed to find the right person for me to help me on my feet. You helped me. Now, in a position were I feel that the right person, a man, loving and caring, came along in my path. And it happened. We are together. I really love this man. But want a future.

I can’t have it with all the hurt and paranoya. I’m afraid to loose him in any manner. I want and wish for his health to be good for him. I won’t all his bad habits or addictions gone. I want truth, love, and peace between us. I’m always afraid. And I don’t need that. I need him strong and wise. I’m growing stronger but not strong enough to help him to the fullest when I try.

Dear lord. I need power and stregnth to be strong older and wise. He needs help on his feet. The push. He needs to trust me so I can trust him. I believe in you. I believe in him. And I believe in me. Others out there in same situation needs pray, love, care, and the strength. Please Lord give this to us. Not just me, not just my man. But for another with same foot steps as us.

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