I need peace, joy, hapiness and love in my life. I also pray for my business to take hold and start to bear good fuit

I ask that God would forgive my sins. I ask that God, would release me from the stressfull situation that I am in.

I ask that God would allow my business to begin to yield good fruit to my labor.
That Gid would increase the business that we do. That God would provide the right partners.
Please pray that God would go into the heart if my wife and allow her to focus and give egforts to saving her marriage of 28 tears to me.
That she would stop looking outside for her pleasures
That God would allow me to have enough strength to bear tge paun of separation if ut is not his will yo save my marriage.
That Gid will please replace the misery in my heart and surround with love, compassion, joy, and happiness.
That God would be with my children and guide them in their decision making.
This prayer request is submitted while asking for these favors through my Lord ans Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen