I need my husband to come back to me where he is safe from Jenny who controls him

by Rachael (Silicon Valley)

Dear Lord,

I come before you today humbly asking for your guidance and protection. Cleanse my soul and heart Oh Lord for I am a sinner. I am unworthy to receive a help from you but I know you are the only God I know who can help me..Lord,I am struggling with my relationship with my husband and I have been lonely after our wedding.. I have noticed his being cold and far from me.

I feel his being hot tempered and irritated with me. I am very frustrated right now. I am not happy with my husband anymore because of the way he treat me. He is very different right now. Now Oh God I need your help to renew my husband’s heart, make his heart as faithful and humble as you have. Make him love me honestly and faithfully. Stay him away from any evil deeds and temptation, especially (Jung Hee Sohn)who controls him. Body , Mind, and Heart. Make him forget her, take out his mind. She confusing hime and he is no longer in control. I know my prayer requires a miracle, because before my husband was not like he is now. I have a strong feeling that my husband is not that loyal and faithful to me.., I do believe God that nothing is impossible with you. I know you can change my husband’s habit and character, his Body, Mind, Heart, soul.

I trust you Oh Lord that my husband will love me after I send this prayer. I am claiming that tomorrow Lord I will have a happy moments with my husband, he will then became a Godly. honest, loving and very calm husband I have been praying that for a long time Oh god.. Give us prosper in our marriage. Don’t let anyone ruin our marriage God.Make us together so soon. I need your miracle oh God in our married life and in our application.. God give me also a courage and strength to endure every trial in my life. Help and protect my husband and myself from evil duers.

I ask all of these in Jesus name I pray amen –

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