I need money to pay my bills, rent, gas

by Juanita (Tacoma, Wa)

I need money to pay my bills, rent, gas etc. I need a full time job close to home. Please Lord. Please pray that I pay more attention to detail, move more faster on my training program job, be more accurate in cashier. Please pray that my superviors give my favor. I get along better with my co-workers and Shelly. Please pray that the Tacoma Goodwill will hire me after my training program has ended. I need a job. If not, than I will get a job closer to home working with the elderly taking them to their doctor apts, etc. I think Melissa is throwing me under the bus.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Financial Miracle

    Good morning, I just sent an email to Michael, but it did not go through. Can someone help me with this? Keep me in your prsyers for a financial miracle. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:
    I need financial help

    Please Lord help me to get out of a financial mess that I am in now.
    I moved to another state to get a better life and it is getting worse.
    The only jobs I get are temp jobs and then I get let go and can’t find any work anywhere. I am behind in all my bills and never had this problem before. I owe cable, light, car payment, car insurance.My car insurance will be canceled soon and I cannot have that. I can’t be borrowing money from payday loan companies they charge alot of interest. Please forgive me for my sins and help me be financially secure again.

  3. Anonymous says:
    Need to get out of a financial mess

    Please God help me to pay off my debts so I can save money and move back to the West Coast by the end of this year. Things are not working out where I am living now and I really want to get
    out of debt and save money. Please help me to manage my finances better so I do not have to keep borrowing money. Please God help me to be financially secure.

  4. David Gonzalez says:
    Help is I ask for, please

    never ever in my wildest dreams I’m so embarrassed to even ask for help, we wife and myself are very desperately in need of paying off bills in-addition her medical expenses and our personal need as diet gluten free food please God help us…Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do…if not for me than my angel wife God as given me to care for. Amen.

  5. Kim says:
    God Please Help

    I am so stressed and I don’t know what to do. My husband and I are trying to support my adult children and it’s not going so good for us. Plus I am raising one of my grandchildren on our own and now we are behind in rent, lights, gas, and our cable. If we can’t get caught up, I’m afraid CPS will take custody of my grandson, which will literally kill me because I have raised him since he was a newborn. We can’t do this anymore, all I do is cry and my kids don’t seem to really care.

  6. Chearse eberhart says:
    Bless my family in a mighty way

    Im a single partent with 3 kids and 3months pregnant ..need help with paying my a got a final notice say they gonna cut my gas off on the 30th of this months dont have any money to pay it dont have no food right now been straving for days me and my kids..Lord help me with all my problèmes im going threw ..i need you pord cant do it without you.. Lord i pray that you continue to strengthen me and be a better strong women..i pray that you open doors for me family..in jesus mighty name i pray amen.its so much going on my life lord i pray that you continue to lift us up in prayer..in your holly name i pray amen..

  7. ABrendanonymous says:

    Need to pray that God will help me to be debt free. And to be able to help others and my church.

  8. Anonymous says:
    Need help

    Hi.I’m currently stresses out because my lights are due to be cut off. Normally the child support check would come but the cut of date but it doesn’t seem like it will come this time. Prayers that it comes tomorrow so I can pay my bill and get some food.

  9. Anonymous says:
    Pray that my lights don't get cut off

    It’s been so hard since my husband pass away praying my lights don’t get cut off or my rims don’t get repo plz pray for me I need it real bad thank you God bless you

  10. really need a miracle says:
    bills a car income to be able to afford a taxi to work

    I have been working since 16 years old. I can’t afford if I pay a taxi to my job for more hours or rent or bills. I am now in college and it is seeming hopeless a degree is going to pay off I am worried about being homeless and not having a way to work or finish my degree after I get more hours. I am now 26 nothing has been a breeze yet I see the good one day in a chance and able pay bills. I did not have needs for Christmas and it is harder now without a way to get to work. I have applied to 100’s of jobs over the minimum wage. I have been rejected by jobs ( several my dream which hurts) due to not having a degree to be over 7 an hr or 10 an hr. Prayers for a miracle I am needing food and a way to get to work and class taxis are very expensive. I don’t want to drop out of college I been working hard since 16 and not ever a break financially or time for myself even on the holidays.

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