I need money to finish my school and help my family

by Ericka (Mexico)

God Almighty.

Thank you for your love, for your mercy and kindness.

I want to apologize for all the things I’ve done that have not been pleasing in your sight, and true God, forgive me, I love you God and I know that without you I am nothing.
I give to you with all my heart.

Lord, you know I’m in a critical situation, I can not finish school, I can not find a job to earn enough to get my degree.

My dad has no job, my mom and my sisters and I, we have an uncertain future, we do not know what to do, there is no way to get the money we need for the August 6, 2014.

You know God if I can complete my studies, then find a good job and I can help my parents with the house and I can help my sisters to finish school.
Have mercy on my life Lord, have mercy on my family.

I ask you to put in someone’s heart, donate some money, I need to raise $ 6OOO USD to finish my studies, to help my parents at home, and to pay the rent and you know I have no where to live! : ( ..Please God!! Have Mercy!!!

I love you God, I am nothing without You!, I humble myself before your feet, God Help Me, Please! Help me! I need to finish my studies, my sisters could not finish, my sister had to leave school, my younger sister lives in uncertainty, and my parents and sisters and I do not have money to start we have just 5 USD, thanks for that money, thanks for give us food, thanks God, but Please give us money, i really need to finish the school, the living in Mexico is very difficult without not studies, please,please!!!! : ( Have Mercy!!!

Beautiful God have mercy, please forgive me for my God, help me God, please!!