I need Inspiration From You Lord

My Dear Lord, I pray for hope and inspiration from you this coming week. This past week was good and with no real problems. I always look forward to hope and happiness in the last few years of my life for we are never guaranteed tomarrow. I have had several years of unhappiness and am now looking to change my life for the best. I need to look forward to the future and not to dread it. I want to get through another week going into the three month of this year.

Last year is behind me and I do not want anything from last year coming back to haunt me. That is is gone forever and I want nothing from that year lingering over into this one. It is dead! Now 2013 is going to be my year for finding love and happiness. I have suffered loss in finances in 2012 and pray that this is the year of prosperity! I pray everyday for hope and I need hope in my life. I need you Lord in my life to up lift me. I need your love to help me through each day and I need your guidence to help me make good discision in my life.

You are the center of my life and my protection from others who want to hurt me. I feel your presence and your help. Please stay with me through this year and allow me some happiness. I worship you and honor you and praise you. You are my Lord and my Saviour! In Jesus name I pray! AMEN

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