I Need Help With Family Trouble’s

by Niayra Orr ()

Everyday goes by and I wonder today’s going to be great but I’m always wrong. The and hate going through my mother and brother is breaking this family apart and I can go another day like this. They fight all the time and I want to ask for help but I’m too scared to ask every time I ask them its ” no I’m fine. ” or its ” I don’t need your help.” I do done with the aruging and the fighting. I want to be savedby allthis hate going all through this house. I just ask you now lord is to give me a sign or answer to what is happening now.

God and your son Jesus please please please give me an answer is to what is happening to my family. Now LORD I ask you is to give me LOVE the STRENGTH. To what is happening right now
In your name and JESUS name I say

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