I need help to stop the spirit of lust

by Nicholas ()

Hi , I have a weakness , I have battled with it for such a long time and I want it to stop , I am a prayerful person and I have been gifted with a gift of seeing vision, and I usually go in deep prayers, sometimes overnight a lone in church, I still cannot stop one thing, the spirit of lust , sometimes they overwealm me and I give in and act on it through masturbation , this is the first time I am sharing with some one and I need real fast help and prayer , kindly help, I have been fighting it , everytime I have a powerful breakthrough I get attacked, so hard, sometimes I would see this thing that would come into my bedroom , and I can even see angles sometimes, but my weakness is lust and , the longest I have been free was 2020 I did not act on lust ,I need prayers , I need deliverance. please kindly right now I feel so sad that I have sinned againist my father . I seek forgiveness from God

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