I Need Help No One Cares And No One Ever Has!

by Valerie Pendelton ()

That category in the drop down box sure confuses me so I chose the ‘Answered Prayers’ one. I’m at a crossroads. I’m unemployed ( on Disability due to trauma suffered + a nervous breakdown many times)
I’m trying really hard to get my life back on track but its hard w/o any help or support.
I have no friends
Only family is my Mother but she is 79 & is married to an abusive Husband whom I loathe for obvious reasons.
I have a goal to move to a more smaller rural town to escape the high crime & all the homosexuality atmosphere ( I’m getting followed around the grocery store its assumed I am but I am not) so being single really sucks going anywhere alone its assumed I’m easy or something.
My lease will end of April and I don’t feel safe to stay another year I’ve had some major
issues with homeless drug addicts among some others i.e. bullies its been a nightmare.
So I will need to find a place to live. I think I have a solution but unsure how it will work so I need some super strong prayers in my corner!
I want to stay in a temporary transitional home for a period until I can get an apartment ( usually 3 mos)
Want to move to Walla Walla and while there I wish to attend their Christian University Walla Walla University.
Also I have left the homosexual lifestyle! They’re pretty hostile & aggressive. I was an outsider among the outsiders & I was tired of being ‘hurt’ all the time so after years of not being noticed , of being hurt, and treated like dirt I said BYE forever.
Could use all the help I could get cause I’m ALL on my own here w/o help.

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