I need help in selling my home very quickly

I have had my home up for sale for 3 months n nothing has happened. I have a deposit on a block of land in an over 50’s village n because I haven’t sold my place I have lost the block. It has such a lovely outlook n I didn’t want to loose it.

The builder will begin building in a couple of weeks but it’s no longer for me. I look after my 96 year old mum n although she doesn’t remember much, I have talked about the little house so much that she is remembering it n asks when we r moving there. How do I tell her. We have to move because we live up one floor n although I installed a stairlift my mum is terrified to use it n won’t go out anymore. We need ground floor hence the little house so I can get her out n into fresh air n sunshine.

I have been prayers go to St Joseph n the good lord for months but no one is listening. Please pray for us to bring that special buyer, but very very soon. I might be able to reinstate my block if we get a sale quickly. Pls St Joseph please hear my prayers n those who pray for us. Pls Lord hear our prayers. Amem

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