I need help in my Marriage

by Matthew ()

I’m in so need of help for my Marriage to my Wife Eva. We argue over over things in our lives . When we argue nobody wins we just fall further apart .GOD I need your Help every second of the day to protect my marriage . To keep our Love for each other strong and devoted .I m in need of help GOD Eva has told me before she wants a divorce and life would be better with out me …I promised when I married Eva that I would love her through better or for worse. She also made that Vail on our Wedding day . GOD restore are marriage and let Eva know that we dont run. When life gets tuff at times . GOD let Eva see in her Heart that I Love Her and Want her For My Wife …. Also GOD give me the power the will to control my tongue and use it for Good give me the ability to let me think clearly before I open my Mouth . GOD you Know Eva And You know me .You have brought us together . I Pray that you let us come out of this stronger and deeper in love with each other than what we have ever know of love …. Let Eva And myself reclaim are Marriave and Grow and Blossom are Marraige and are Family together . .. What ever devices the devil tries to get in our way we will not fall for it and GODs protection Be over us at all times .I ask this is My Prayer for Peace and Love to my Wife Eva for a Better understanding of each other and a deeper commitment to each other for the rest of out days with peace and happiness to follow us through out our days .I Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

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