I need God’s urgent intervention in my love life

by Tebogo (Johannesburg South Africa)

My Name is Tebogo , a 39yrs old struggling single parent,i need God’s urgent intervention in my love life.Man come and go as they feel in my life,they leave me without any reason, as God’s faithful tither I always question what have I done to the lord to deserve all this Bad luck.

Im now a joke a laughing stock amongst my peers, im now depressed and even suicidal because of my situation. All I need I a God Fearing faithful single man of God.who will love me and never leave leave me, a man who will respect me and be supportive a matured Man who will love my daughter as he’s own, im expecting a miracle from God.

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  1. courage

    Dear Sister, please be blessed and know that first and foremost in your love life is God! He who loves and supports and understands you better than anyone ever could. A love so great that He died for you and has prepared a place for you in Heaven! It is difficult but with patience, trust and prayer things will fall into place. The peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ fill your heart.

  2. Prayer

    I will pray for you..I’m 29 single mother and I truly understsnd. I felt exactly like you until I realized it wasn’t bad luck. It’s GOD working on me so that I can be prepared mentally and emotionally for a husband. It will happen if you are depressed means your not happy with yourself a husband can’t make you happy. I’m dealing with depression let me rephrase I was told I was but I rebuke it and I’m happy and will marry the man of my Dreams cornell and you will get someone who appreciates you too

  3. Keep faith

    Hi gm I understand completely wat u goin through I have 3 kidz I’m same age as you say same thing about y can’t hav real respectable man. I’m single parent legally married. All I do try right thing in life focus on God more myself for my kidz hard KEEP FAITH please dnt give up hav b B strong for ur child pray hope helps u lil courage u have bless wonderful day

  4. Be still

    Be still, Maybe you are not ready for a relationship at the time. Our Father will send you the right man a the right time. Be still get to know yourself better Strong Godly women attract strong Godly Men. Be still

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