I need God’s Glory, Discernment, and Direction

by Diane ()

I just want to start off this prayer thanking God and all he has done for me, bringing me this far in my education and allowing me to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in May. Without HIM, I would not be where I am today. I want to pray for hope. My family situation is not in the right state right now, and I feel like the only person I could depend on is myself, but today I am letting go of this burden and giving it all to God. I am lost, lonely, hurt, broken, and I just want this feeling to end, so I am going to give it all to God. I am praying for God’s Glory, because this past year, all I have been hearing is a rejection and it just made it not feel good enough and the reasons I am in school for, just don’t make sense to me anymore. I am praying for his direction because I am tired of trying to do this thing called Life by myself. I also pray for discernment Lord, allow me to be able to differentiate real love and fake love; who is really there for me. My mind and ears have been clouded so much that I do not know what is what anymore. Lord, I need you, I really really need you! I say these things in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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