I need a shoulder to cry upon.

by Alec ()

I need a shoulder to cry on. I am self employed and I face uncertainties everyday. How to move on, how to balance my finances. It is an endless struggle. I cry internally always because of my fear in my struggles. I am tired, God Almighty Help me. Are you there my God? Shower your blessings on me today. It is just me and my wife. We are not young but it has been continued struggle. When will this end? Please pray for me in my struggles.

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  1. Be Still, Remain Steadfast

    A friend told me once, during trials at times all you will have is bread and water and the blessing will come after that. Please focus on saving pennies as pennies add up to dollars. Turn lights off as much as possible, turn tv off except for the most important to watch, save a milk jug and while waiting for warm water in shower fill it and use to flush toilet or water plants, it is safe to unplug the refridgerator while you sleep (very poor people taught me this and I have used it). Your home is your biggest expense so start looking to decrease those expenses. Get a old fashioned phone book if you can find one and start a pricing book at your local groceries so you know who has cheapest and can compare a sale being a deal or not. Example: Carrots 3# 2.19 at Walmart next line 3# at “grocer” and for as many in your near distance. Watch your sales ads. Also, we don’t need to eat as much food as we do! Learn to be content at home, cook from scratch, go for walks, read on computer as you only have to plug in shortly and cheaper to use the battery. Turn the heat down or the AC up just a few and save pennies which add to dollars. Dear God, please look upon your children, hear the cries of your people. We love you God and we need you. You said you dressed the daisies in the fields and feed the birds and how much more important are we to you….God please help this individual learn to stretch his/her pennies and get joy from “finding deals”. God you are our creator in control of everything and we have faith you will answer our prayer.

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