I need a second chance, Lord God

I have not been the best husband to my wife we have been married for just over a year and she is deciding if she wants to end it that she doesn’t know of she has the strength to work on our marriage I know she does.

She is the strongest women I have ever meet and I know I have hurt her emotionally and I am taking the steps I need to never do that again. I know that we can have a blessed marriage if she will be willing to work on it. Any prayers and help will greatly be appreciated
Thank you

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  1. You are in my Prayers.

    Something to keep in mind- God always has Satan on a leash. May he be with you in your time of need and bless you with the strength to endure the weight of your cross.
    I encourage you to seek out counseling if you have not already- they maybe able to help.

  2. you can make it , just pray

    i can relate to your wife. my husband and i have been married for a year. and we are having the same problem. he lost his job after i miscarried our baby. then he found a job , lost it again, then instead of moving on to the right path my husband fell on to the wrong path — vices, women etc. i love my husband. but i am afraid .

    i am praying that you will be able to recover from whatever it is you are going through. my prayers are with and your wife. God bless.

  3. Prayers for your family

    I too am going thru financial marital problems . Your not alone we all seem to be battling the devil in our lives. I pray dear lord please help and watch over all of us going thru all the struggles in iur marriages wether financial or adultery or porn or any other sun the devil has put in to our lives. Dear lord please know it’s in our hearts to do the right thing and live by you dear lord. You are the only one that can repair us and our broken hearts and broken families dear lord please cast your blessings upon us all going thru heart aches and please guide us in your direction. In your name I pray for my brothers and sisters going thru this with me lord Amen

  4. I pray that God bless your marriage

    father God I pray in Jesus name to bless this couple and their marriage give his wife straight to stay strong and work on the marriage and relationship whatever they may be going through father god give his wife the spirit of forgiveness give his wife the spirit of faith we pray Father God to bound the devil the spirit of doubt we bind the spirit of fear we bind the spirit of separation in Jesus name cover their relationship the marriage in the blood of Jesus because there’s power in the blood amen

  5. Stay Strong

    I’m Praying for you my brother, I’m a newly married woman and I can testify to what your wife may be going though. My husband lost his job a week before we got married, he has not been able to find employment, it’s been 2 months. I’m trying to hold on! I’m asking God to give you peace and to show you the way. My husband says he does not have Faith because things were going good or somewhat good before we married now we are struggling, but I keep holding on. I know he will make a way out of no way, if we all just Trust and Believe. Try listing to Bishop Walker at http://mtzionanywhere.org, I was listing yesterday and heard him say when you get married and do whats right the hard part is not over because then the devil has to try an break you. Don’t let the Devil break you; I’m trying not to be broken my self. Know you’re not alone there are others that are going through it too, you will get through this test, this storm. You and the Mrs. will be just fine keep the Faith.

    Be Blessed and keep looking to the Heavens for your Help!!

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