I need a miracle!

by Tanya (Bridgton,Maine.. USA)

Please… Dear and Gracious God have mercy on me and my child.

I have been through a terrible ordeal and you have shown me that you will brush off my shoulders a terrible financial burden.
I am living under a cruel and difficult situation…I have try to do what is right.The enemy whispers in my ear something different. The one I trusted has exploit,extorted and is lost despite in what he says or believe is true.
I know what is right and I want to please you. We need serious help immediately for I have been set up to be destroyed.
God knows my situation and every detail. Mostly not by my wrong doing or necessarily poor choices…I have been used…I pray that favor will rest on me by someone who is as giving as I am so that I may have victory in each and every way in all the matters at hand. I am desperate for my savior and conquerer.In Jesus name,Amen…

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