I need a Miracle

by Kay (South Africa, East London)

Please help me pray that i may conceive twins both girls or boy and girl. my husband wants quadruplets and that would be a blessed day to hear i conceived those but i can settle for twins. I pray that the mother of his child (outside marriage before we me), may just disppear and leave us in peace. she is causing so much tension between the whole family and me not conceiving is making things worse because they are taking her side and favouring even though she is making them her puppets. I pray God may grant me my deepest prayers and financial stability to maintain my marriage and not lack any resource. I pray for a permanent job with benefits. I pray for God to move in my life and of my husband as a worshiper to lifthim from glory to glory with his worship. I pray for portions and portions of favor, grace,glory and manifested presence. I pray God my heal my heart and help me forget all the pain and hurt in my life. I pray God may save Africa and have mercy on us with no poverty, lack, crime, rape and murder.Amen