I need a miracle tonight

by bonita ()

I Lord, Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ my Father, Holy Ghost, send your angels, Father please this is the biggest time of need, please God I beg and plead not to leave me now in this dark hour, This is my last and only hope that God hears and answers this little prayer, Please pray for me and my love to get together, I need a miracle tonight, big signs and wonders from the open windows of the heavens. Have mercy on me a sinner God! My love has been ignoring me for two weeks now with no reason why, our love is so true, please God use your resurrection power to bring our relationship and love back tonight. I don’t know how much left my spirit has left within me! we were meant to be together, and everyday that he ignores me causes me so much pain so much abandonment! I know he is the one! The only one for me! every time i ask God to show me if he (my love) is the one he sends a sign to confirm that my love is my soulmate made by God, I need a big sign now O Lord God my Father in Heaven please don’t forsake me, please bring me and him my love back together, mend our relationship, make him fall back in love with me and be interested and desire me once again but more than ever before tonight, please please hear this prayer, please help. I can’t go on, i need a miracle in the name of Jesus Christ my Only Lord and Savior. please God my Father don’t forget me and forsake me, bring me and my love back together tonight, make him want me so bad and so much that i know it is Gods only power and might that has done it, please Father, you know how much i care and love him and for how long, please don’t wait another day to bring me and my love back together, O Father please I ask you for this big miracle, in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and King Amen

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