by Katie (Moberly Missouri)

Dear God and Mary and all of the Angels and deceased family members to me and to Ryan – and his friends in Heaven as well and our own Guardian Angel…

I need help. Desperate … YES!! Dire needs here…

1. *poof* goodbye health problems and hello to FINALLY working out again and getting better already!!

2. Seeing Ryan!! It’s so important to me just like FINALLY working out again.. And getting better again.. Looking better again…

It’s so important to me to see Ryan… to get a miracle, a sign, a prayer to be answered that I can send Ryan a birthday card for October 1st.. I miss him and really wish to do that for him now… At this point I don’t care who it is that knows him that tells me or asks me to, because I love him more than he actually knows, but I am a shy chicken so to speak… I can’t ask him anymore, I can’t and it hurts me.. 9 months, my love just gets greater for him, others opinions are others opinions, they don’t matter to me.. It’s not my opinion and it’s not my story, I know the story, I know the truth, I know the things that have happened, always have.. But he deals with great depression, loss of friends & his dad was never in his life… Hermit/Recluse/ doesn’t go out nowhere or do anything … Yes I am describing myself but we can so totally help each other out…

SHY… I wish I wasn’t so shy and just asked Ryan if I could but it’s incredibly hard for me too.. Especially since he won’t talk to me ((THE ONE HE WANTED TO SPEND PURE HAPPINESS WITH//TO SETTLE DOWN))..


I ASK FOR HUGE HUGE HUGE HELP!!! TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR OUR MEETING EACH OTHER… I REALLY JUST NEED SOME GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE, SOMETHING GOOD TO HAPPEN IN MY MISERABLE BORING TEDIOUS LIFE ((I am disabled, it’s no fun, I feel lost and that’s a lot, but always felt FOUND when I had Ryan just appear in my life a long time ago- almost like magic))

I miss him and really wish to MEET HIM, forgiveness from us both to each other for all bad things that were said to each other!! I do, I do want him to focus on his music and not worry of LOVE RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT NOW, but I don’t want him to be alone anymore. 11 years I have liked him and he’s liked me too. We were crushing on each other but never told each other… We always cared for each other.. We always had small love but it grew into a bigger amount of love, I have devoted my heart to loving this man. He says that people just can’t get him/can’t understand him because he is so “weird and strange” (his own words), but literally I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM BECAUSE I NEVER SAW THAT!!! HOW CAN I?!! NO NEVER.. RYAN IS PERFECTION TO ME! HE’S EVERYTHING AND MORE TO IN MY EYES AND HEART!!!

I ask for major help, right now.. Please, pretty please.. Send me an angel to help guide me to somewhat better looks and health and body NOW and to get Ryan back for good & forever.. through the bad, the good, the great, the horrible.. The times where we need to be held, to be comforted, to be hugged, to be taken care of… I’d appreciate that so very much, extremely, immensely, I so totally would!!! It’s just something to help me live… to help me live my life…

I always have fantasies of him and they are great but I wish they were reality… Like us sitting underneath a tree.. Or us at a park eating & talking.. Or dancing to a song, specifically “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order… Or dancing to the music on the intercom at a store like Menards or Walmart 🙂 and dancing and having everyone watch us dance =) …

I love him.
I miss him.

I wish he was here to talk to me. I wish he was here to help me. I wish he was my friend again on Facebook and I wish he would go to my YouTube page and see my Angel miracle video because it’s all for him.. “Ain’t No Sunshine” it’s an old song by some woman, just wish he’d go “oh wow that’s about me.. I see Ry.. It’s next to the huge overflowing heart.. awe but sadly there ain’t no sunshine in Katie’s heart when I am gone” u___u

Please, won’t you help me, Lord.. You don’t deny your children their joy and happiness and I do believe that, I believe that things do take time, but when I hear that someone gets their prayer answered like in a month or 2, it tears my heart up.. makes me more frustrated =( … I shouldn’t but my health problems make me frustrated too and it is understandable..

Help me in getting the love of my life back, my soulmate, my truest purest love.. The coolest man I have ever known ever, the sweetest and greatest, creative, talented, artistic man of my dreams… Really is !! I wish to have him back now so he can ask me about his bands concert and me sending him a birthday card.. Thank you Lord, Mary, Angels, Our Guardian Angel, All in Heaven that know me and Ryan 🙂 Would you all please help me? I thank each and every single one of you!!
I pray that each and every single person on this site gets their prayers answered! You all deserve it for helping me and not, we all deserve to have a prayer answered, no matter how long it is – long just means you have more passion for it, you really want it, and so cannot live without it in your life!! Thank you again!! *Hugs* xx

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