I need a miracle, Pray for me

After 3 years if losses, homelessness, unemployment and a great deal of stress and turmoil, I have the importunity for a new job and a new life.

I have very little money. I have asked everyone I dare, even my own father who has always been a very ungenerous even when unwarranted. I need the money to survive and to get to this job in another state.

I would help to know my family, my father cared enough, for once. I would like true support…that is missing too,

I just need a loan or a gift of about $3000 and am out of options. I am staying with a distant friend and need to leave, and had planned to go to start this job.

Even if hired for an interim job, I don’t think I could make enough money between now and then, and I have been trying to find work.

I am tired and stressed from the upheaval in my life, I wish just this could be easy. What phenomenal peace of mind a few thousand dollars would bring.

So a loan or a gift of enough money to get to and live until established, to live until I would leave…that’s what I could use.

Thanks for your time

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  1. This man needs your miracle


    I know and believe that you help people in distress with your miracles.
    This man is in need of your miracles.
    Please help him.

  2. May you be blessed

    I have felt your request, may you be blessed with a wonderful new life ahead. Things don’t always go how we would have expected or even liked, but know that God has a plan for your life. I pray for you to have clarity and and discernment, and whatever obstacles you’ve had to have overcome, may they be behind you. God Bless you. Amen

  3. bless you

    As I read I send prayers of love hope and support that you will succeed no matter what! May you have peace ,many you be able to get to this job or any other in which the lord has lined up for you… I feel your pain and I pray that your worries subside and you are filled and surrounded with light towards a wonderful future..Amen

  4. Hope things improve

    I can hear your frustration and understand how difficult life is without money. The good this is that you sound determined to improve your situation and “God helps those who help themselves”! So don’t give up, keep striving to improve your situation and God will help you I am sure. Have faith in God & faith in yourself – you CAN do it! God Bless You.

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