I need a miracle of grace in this relationship

by Nick (California)

I have never been deeply religious, though you could always call me spiritual. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that God has become a growing and powerful thought in my mind. I’ve even wondered if I’ve felt his call to service and seminary, at times.

I am so far from perfect, and have made so many mistakes in my life. I find myself now, hoping beyond hope that He might listen and hear my prayer, for I need help in a relationship that means the world to me, but that I do not know how to heal, or make right.

More than anything I hope that this Lady of my Heart receives the healing and the wisdom she so desperately needs in her life. She is so worthy of it, and the things she’s had to endure have been so very hard. I wish so much and pray, that I could somehow walk beside her in love for that journey. But above all I want so much for her heart to heal from its pains. I pray too that all of you who read this receive that which you have need of in your life.

I have not the words, nor the wisdom to make this prayer correctly but I do trust that He will know my heart, and the truth of what I ask. I need help. I need a miracle for her, and if I be worthy of such grace, for me too. Please help.