I need a miracle Jesus!

by Lm (Texas)

Jesus I have never felt so lost, and broken down I been heartbroken for a person that I may not belong to. I don’t know what path to start my career guide me to the right ppl to the right place help me fulfill my destiny the path that you chosen for me. Help me pass my test. Help me not feel so empty everyday. I miss him though I love him but I don’t want to hurt like this anymore. Help me let him go. Help me stop this pain I feel everyday. I feel crazy. I need to know what my purpose is guide me towards it. Guide me father please! I am a lost sheep you are the only that can heal me inside and out. I need a miracle father. I need u in my life. Help me forgive help me to let go. My heart hurts. Please father I believe you hear my cry .. Help me bare it. Give me the strength to surrender to ur will. Amen.

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