I need a miracle Godly shaking.

by Your Daugther (Western-Cape)

Our Father,

Thank You Lord for my life, thank You for my health, thank You for Your mercy, Grace and Glory.

I bow down before You Lord, praying for forgiveness for my sins, and forgive me my tresspasses. I repent from my sins in Jeus Name. Praying for You to cleansed me in Your blood and wash away my sins. Save me in Jesus Name.

Lord Jesus, I urgently need a miracle employee, I need a shaking Lord. I need a positive word unto my circumstances. I need restoration, I need guidance from the Holy Spirit and I need a door to be opened by You Lord Jesus.

I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ for a immediate miracle, I pray to You Jesus to change my circumstances in the Power of Your Name. Touch my house, my purse, my family and our health with Your Love. Need a break through now in Jesus Name

Now I speak love in my house, and in the hearts of me and my family. I speak permanent employee for me and my family, I speak changing of circumstances, I speak break throughts in Jesus Name, I speak health over me and my family. I speak in the power of God for the saving of me and my family’s souls, in Jesus Name.

Now I declare in Your wonderful Name, food on our table, I declare permanent jobs in Jesus Name, I thank You God, I declare a brighter future for me and my family. I praise You Migthy God, oh God I feel Your presence, I feel Your Spirit, I thank You so much, I declare in Your Name a Godly shaking in our lifes. Oh I declare in Your Name, the Name above all Names, new hope, faith and peace, I love You.

Thank You for knowing joy comes in the morning, knowing tomorrow have lots of new surprises for a family who suffers so much, but even in our circumstances we praise You, we love You. Thank You for the promises in Your word, thank You for giving us new hope

I praise You

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