I Need a Miracle From You O Lord!

My Dear Lord above, I come to you in prayer and in hope for a great miracle. I feel sometimes this could be possible. I am hoping and praying that this is real. I need you now more than ever. Please wash away the terrible sin commited against me. I do not know what is going on and don’t want to know. I only want to know if I can be forgiven this hugh debt that lies on my shoulders. I need not this to happen that I dread so much. I need peace in my life and move onward. I need to know I won’t be surprised by a horrible fate. I was naive and stupid and pray this will not be my undoing. I need help. I have become overwhelmed by a horrible event in the past few months and cannot take anymore. I pray for my daughter so she can get her son back. I pray for my friends who are sick will be healed. I pray for all who are sick and heartbroken for their losses. I pray for a miracle from you O Lord. You are our Saviour and our salvation from hell. Please release us from this hell on earth we suffer from. I beg of you to hear my prayers for help. Please do not forsake me. In Jesus name I pray! AMEN