I need a miracle for my visa

by Mayesha (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Please pray for me. I need a miracle now. I am facing issues with my student visa and the processing is going to take a long time. I don’t have any time left. I have to apply for my visa again and I need to be in my university as soon as possible because the deadline is very very close.

Please pray for me so that I get a visa interview date as soon as possible after I apply for a new interview date.

I am going to request my university to extend the enrolment deadline.

Please please pray for me so that university kindly listens to my request and sends me a letter that will mention to hurry up my visa process, and extend the enrolment deadline for my university, and that I fulfil the language requirements.

Please please pray for me so that I get my student visa on the right time and successfully reach my university and begin my studies. Please please pray for me.

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