I need a miracle for my family and I

by Meg (Hyattsville, MD USA)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing great by God’s grace. I desperately need help for my family and I. We are going through a rough financial path and it is starting to affect our relationships with one another. I pray that God will enlighten us and help us put our confidence in Him who provides always for His children. My sister is looking for a steady job and I pray that God will bless her with one. She has given her life to Christ and I pray that He gives her joy and happiness. As for me, I haven’t seen the love of my life in almost 2 years. I pray that God will reunite us very soon and that He will show us the way if He truly designed us for one another. I will put all my trust in You Father and I hope You can help us all.
In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray.

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