I need a Miracle

by Crystal ()

Please pray for me and my family. I am a 43 years old mother of two wonderful boys and 1 grandson and a wife to a wonderful husband. In the last four years especially our lives have been challenged but God has been there holding our hands every step of the way. We prayed 4 years ago for God to allow us to give us a home out of the drug infested neighborhood and school and he did. We were able to get our youngest son into a good school and finally off of drugs and back into school and church. God was working. In Sept 2015 of that same year my husband got sick and he was put out of work for three months. In December 2015 he finally got back to work, we finally was able to start paying up some bills. In June 2016, I got really sick and the doctor put me out of work for a couple of months. The doctors swore it was cancer after all the testing the doctor came in and said go home. He could not explain it but I am free of everything. I looked at him and said it was all God. With me being put of work for so long and we got behind on our bills again. Our mortgage company wanted to foreclose on our home. I had no chose at this point but to file bankruptcy in November 2016. December 2016 my husband came to me and said he wanted to end the marriage. I knew this was the devil trying to test me and him. In the same month my youngest son called me at work hysterically saying him and my husband had been in a serious wreck. I left work praying the whole way for everything to be ok. When I arrived I just cried all vehicles involved were destroyed but everyone was able to walk away with minor bumps and bruises. Yet again God answered my prayers. In March of 2017 I prayed and asked God to continue to work in my families life and bring my husband back to me with a willing heart to serve God also to make for me after 24 years of not being in school to allow me to finish my high school. God opened the door for me to go back to school and start the process to finish school. God also opened the door for my husband to come open and to be in God’s will. In December of 2017 my husband had an issue with his feet only to find out after numerous trips to the doctors and emergency rooms he had an severely infected chemical burns in his feet. God healed him through the doctors and our prayers. During this time again our bills got behind. March 2018 through all this God kept me focused and I was able to graduate after 25 years as a high school graduate with a 3.3 grade point average. Now we was served with papers that our home is possibly going to be taken from us. We have no where else to go. I know this is where God wants us but I can’t do this without him. God put me in this home, a good Christian church and good christian job working with kids. I want to be in God’s will. If it is his will I want to keep my home, I want to go back to college so I can work with disabled, disadvantage children in a christian environment where they can experience God’s love where they might not experience it anywhere else. I work for a good christian child development center but like any business they are experiencing budget cuts, which means the teachers meaning me after to supply for our kids curriculum. Pray God’s will will be for us to keep our home and provide a way to provide for our financial needs and my jobs needs.

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