I need a job Please God!!AMEN!

by Hopeless (Capetown)

Dear God!U know my life u know where I come from and all that I’m facing everyday.I have lost all hope in myself and can’t even face my children because I can’t help fulfill their needs.Please lord help me gain the wisdom to know which road to take and where to go I’m so tired and afraid cause for this 31 years I have accomplish nothing and can’t even provide for my kids.

I’m depending on their father everyday!I want to thank u for providing my childrens father with a job since he’s the soul provider!Lord we don’t even have proper space to live please help me I just need a job to provide for my 3 children.Help me please lord help me please.

If there is something I did to not get the things I need in order to live normal show it to me please lord or are my sins to many!!!Please lord shine you’re light on me and my family please lord AMEN!

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