i need a job as soon as possible

by Tinashe (Durban)

in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit

father i thank you for giving me an opportunity to see my wife and kid and the sun today,i kneel down today before you admitting my sins and asking for your forgiveness and kindness towards my sins.i know im not a good a prayer but im glad you will understand my needs and my wishes,as of now im not working and im just waiting for your blessings and suprise.you said those who ask in your favour shall recieve,those who knock at your shall gain entrance,those who call your name shall get an answer,so lord here iam doing all expecting for your response.bless me with a good job this 2015,this year is our year me and my family.Nomore crying,nomore credits,nomore pulling back.Lord i thank you inadvance since i know that if i ask i shall recieve.Starting from now i recieve the heavenly blessings in jesus christ name Amen